TAB 2017 Vision Competition: Remetabolising Paljassaare


The aim of TAB 2017’s Vision Competition, Remetabolising Paljassaare, is to engage with the peculiar relationship found between the artificial infrastructure of Tallinn, including its vast Soviet heritage, and its coastal landscape. The Paljassaare peninsula provides a typical case study of the emergent friction between land and sea, development and conservation, wastewater treatment infrastructure and protected ornithological park.

Remetabolising Paljassaare challenged participants to simulate a new urban morphogenesis informed by international networks, including distributed economies of production, as well as local specificities, such as the protection of migrating birds.

A total of 200 registered competition entries were received, and in May 2017 at the Vision Competition jury session a total of 29 finalist submissions were evaluated. The jury was impressed by the level and sophistication of the finalists’ proposals and, after a long day of consideration, agreed on 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners and four honourable mentions for projects addressing the dynamics of the Paljassaare site through the lenses of politics, mythology, material processes, biological intelligence and computation.

Chosen collection of submitted works will be showcased together with Curatorial Exhibition “Anthropocene Island” in the Museum of Estonian Architecture.

The Vision Competition will be opened on the 14th of September at 19:00.

Read more about TAB 2017 Vision Competition HERE. 


Museum of Estonian Architecture, Ahtri, Kesklinn, Tallinn, Estonia