Everyday life of a contemporary architect does not revolve around pen and paper anymore, but instead focuses on the use of different software: some for parametric design, some for BIM and some for rendering. Therefore in Estonia, where the average architectural office is relatively small, the skillset of an architect has to be quite diverse. The outcome of an architect’s work is not only a building as such, but also a digital composition.  A building is not just a building, but rather a gateway to a completely new art form – digital reality.

In a sense, architects are working in the future. The design of today might not be realized before five years, but the design of today is only one of many potential realities.

With this exhibition Arhitektuuribüroo PLUSS from Estonia presents a selection of its works, in order to showcase potential future scenarios. Some of the scenarios might never be realized as seen in here…



Telliskivi Outdoor Gallery

Telliskivi Creative City, Telliskivi, Tallinn, Estonia