“Nature Through Mirror exhibition” is focused inside the interpretation of the word Technonature (E.Cattaneo, 2013), in terms of individuating its theoretical-methodological potentialities (as in the new ecological modality of rethinking the territorial and urban project), its operational modalities (as a specific strategy to produce), and its linguistic specification (as transdisciplinary hybridization).

Because of its ecological and anti-dialectical perspective, Technonature considers Nature a continuous renewal of its specific capacity of genesis, of creation and, above all, of adaptation: “We observe a paradigmatic hue: what seems like a hybridization between the natural and its opposite – the artificial – is instead an alternated interpenetration that allows us to read the transformative reality of Nature. More simply, the concept of Nature is denaturalizing itself from a secular fixity, by producing one of the most revolutionary changes that has ever occurred in history.” (M. Ponty, Nature, 1996)

Nature, in this direction, acquires the characteristic of maximum productivity, of maximum potentiality, due to it’s modification/integration with culture, with technology, with artificial knowledge. The exhibition is a representation (through 30 images or models) of a new taxonomy of design based on TechnoNature. Models and images produced by students of Politecnico di Milano within the course I teach of Landscape Design and Landscape in Art and Science.

Author: Elisa C. Cattaneo



“Maybe it doesn’t only happen to me,
but also to all those who civilization has given birth to for the second time.
Yet I feel that for me, or for those who feel like me,
artificiality has become a natural thing, and what is natural seems odd.
I stand corrected:
artificiality has note become natural: natural has become different”

F. Pessoa, Book of Disquiet, 1982


Viru Shopping Centre Gallery

Viru Keskus Shopping Centre, Viru Square, Tallinn, Estonia

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