Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2017 Urban Installation Programme offers emerging architectural talent the opportunity to design and build an exploratory installation in the city centre of Tallinn, on the area in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture.

The winning proposal by architect Gilles Retsin is characterised by outstanding aesthetics and a novel use of plywood. The concept of the prefabrication of timber elements is gaining more and more traction in the timber industry, and new products combine low-grade materials such as OSB with higher grade timbers. Timber panels are a good reference for what is possible with CNC milling and relatively cheap timber products.

The installation by Gilles Retsin was built in August 2017 on the grass in front of the Estonian Architecture Museum, Tallinn, and will stay there on display to the public for up to 23 months until the next Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

The submitted shortlisted designs will be showcased as an exhibition in the Museum of Estonian Architecture 1st floor. 

The Opening of Gilles Retsin’s Installation will take place together with the Curatorial Exhibition “Anthropocene Island” and Vision Competition Exhibition “Rematobalising Paljassaare” in the Museum of Architecture on the 14th of September at 19:00. 





Museum of Estonian Architecture, Ahtri, Kesklinn, Tallinn, Estonia